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Dear Stakeholders at Mombasa North Coast

As we are all aware our tourism at Mombasa North Coast is pretty much on the decline. Therefore we need to unite ourselves and promote tourism at Mombasa North Coast to local and overseas tourists and travellers.

Info portal:

We have developed a network to promote all Mombasa North Coast tourism related businesses on the internet. The main portal is our web site www.MombasaNorthCoast.com. Here you can book your own page with any information, contacts, pictures, video introducing your business including your Google map location. If you don’t have your own web site you can use your page on our portal. We have a monthly number of over 1250 visitors and the number is rising every day. With over 3200 keywords our ranking at Google and other major search engines is excellent. See a sample of a member page at http://www.mombasanorthcoast.com/english/sample.htm



To get a better widespread we have a FaceBook fan page. https://www.facebook.com/MombasaNorthCoastInfoPortal

At this time we have already a large number of likes and the number is rising every day.

On our FaceBook page we are posting anything related to tourism at Mombasa North Coast. If you are a member and have a FaceBook page we will share your postings on our page. If you don’t have a FaceBook page we are happy to assist you to create one.

FaceBook and internet in general is the major tool to get travellers interest in your business.  

We need from you?

If you are interested to become a member to boost your business you can send us a request to members@MombasaNorthCoast.com. We then will send you a list of requirements to enable us to create your page on our web site. Once we have received your application we will design your page at www.MombasaNorthCoast.com and send you the link for approval.

Thereafter we will send you an invoice via email with your member and payment details. After receiving your contribution we will set your page on our portal public and start promoting your business on FaceBook and other media.  


Our charges are very little. A small contribution towards our expenses will be charged per year for your page at www.MombasaNorthCoast.com including promotion of your business on FaceBook. There will be NO commission charged on top of your annual subscription. Special advertisement can be booked with us too. 

For more information and booking your own page at www.MombasaNorthCoast.com please send us a email to members@MombasaNorthCoast.com


You are a owner of a business within Mombasa North Coast?

This is how your page will look if you have subscribed to our network.



Your physical address here
Your postal address here
Your fax numbers here
Your landline numbers here
Your mobile numbers here
Your email address here
Your web site here
Social media and review sites will be linked at your demand



You can become a member and will have the following benefits:
- direct link to your own web site
- direct link to your own email
- all contacts listed e.g. telephone numbers, fax
  numbers, WhatsApp number
- links to your social media pages e.g. Facebook,
  YouTube, TripAdvisor
- regular sharing of your Facebook posts
- 2 more pictures
- some additional space for more write up introducing
  your business

What do we need from you?
- name of Business,
- nature of business,
- name of person in charge,
- postal address,
- telephone numbers,
- fax numbers,
- your email address,
- your web address,
- two photos in jpg or gif,
- 1 logo
- A small write up in txt or doc file introducing your establishment.

Please send us all requirements to members@MombasaNorthCoast.com


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